We also provide a service for applying Flame Retardant paint to structual steel and various other substrates, we work closely with Thermoguard using there products to produce specified fire ratings and certification.

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Thermoguard manufactures and supplies intumescent coatings for steel and timber, flame retardant paints, clear fire varnish and intumescent coatings for walls and ceilings.

A range of decorative flame retardant paint finishes protect, decorate and complete fire protection systems for portal frame buildings. Thermoguard flame retardant paints and intumescent paints assist in the control of fire hazards caused by combustible materials by releasing a flame extinguishing gas.

Available in gloss or eggshell finishes to any BS 4800 or RAL colour and in any quantity. Small UK orders acceptable. Also available in five metallic finishes and one non-decorative finish for hidden areas.

Assisting in fire protection, Thermoguard stock a wide range of protective fire varnishes, intumescent paints, fire proof paints and also intumescent and flame retardant steel coatings to keep the surface below the critical temperature.

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